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Full disclosure: I backed the Kickstarter campaign for Uncanny Magazine. After a slow start to the month, I spend a few hours this afternoon devouring issue 2.

As I have already come to expect from the team, everything about this issue was high quality and full of the diversity that I love. As a starting point Julie Dillon’s cover art is absolutely gorgeous. It makes me think of Arabian Nights, Aladdin and the glorious look and feel of my old bellydance costumes, whilst still being a completely individual image.

My favourite story was probably Pockets by Amal El-Mohtar. There is a lyrical quality to the story that I can’t quite pin down, but the words near danced through my head. While I understood the fear the protagonist felt at items randomly appearing in her pockets, I couldn’t help but feel a thrill at the concept. The letter at the end was truly beautiful.

Ann Leckie’s Nalender was a fun story with a fairytale warning. The Heat of Us: Notes Toward An Oral History by Sam J. Miller felt like an all too truthful picture of the treatment of homosexuality in the recent past, wrapped in a supernatural occurrence and journalistic style. I feel the urge to look into history books on the subject now.

I found Love Letters to Things Lost and Gained by Sunny Moraine an absolutely fascinating look at the emotions and trauma involved in becoming an amputee and gaining a prosthetic, not to mention that the ‘science fiction’ element could very easily become science fact.

The stand out essays for me were The Politics of Comfort by Jim C. Hines and Age of the Geek, Baby by Michi Trota. Both made excellent points that I completely agree with about the SF/F community.

Go! Read!

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