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I went to see the Sydney Dance Company production Countermove last night. There were two halves, both of them extremely different from the other.

First up was "Cacti" choreographed by Alexander Ekman. It was totally not what I was expecting. It was hilarious. Live musicians, funny voiceovers and, well, cacti. It was a gentle mocking of the concept of 'high art' and the critics that subscribe to it. I absolutely loved it.

The second half was back to what my expectations of SDC tend to be. "Lux Tenebris" by Rafael Bonachela was intense and abstract. Intricately choreographed and beauifully danced with supreme skill, it was frenetic and industrial and kind of eerie... and while enjoyable to watch I had no emotional connection to it. Abstract contemporary dance is something I've always struggled with. No clear story or meaning, just movement. Enjoyable to watch but it rarely sticks with me.
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I've just got back from seeing The Bell Shakespeare Company's current production of Romeo and Juliet.

Was it supposed to be that funny?

Well, it was mostly the first half... and anything involving the Nurse (played by Michelle Doake). I certainly wanted to thoroughly strangle Lord Capulet in the second half. Also Paris. Juliet is not a belonging goddamnit! *mutters darkly about forced marraige*

For a woman less than 3 years younger than me, Kelly Paterniti had me convinced she really was a 13 year old Juliet.

Also... shirtless Romeo. Enough said.

All in all, an enjoyable evening. I even got dressed up and painted my nails for the first time in forever.


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