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So. I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story after work yesterday.

I bloody loved it.

It was heartbreaking and beautiful and exciting and nostalgic and creepy and hopeful... I have so many feels and so many thoughts.

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So, I went to see the final Hobbit film yesterday.

I sobbed like a baby. Seriously, I knew what was coming but it still broke my heart.

There wasn't as much time spent on Thorin's gold sickness as I feared, though it was still difficult to deal with. Nor did the actual battle, or the casting out of Sauron go for quite as long as I expected. Galadriel was wicked spooky, though.

I wasn't particularly impressed by the tunneling worm monsters or the evil bats. And I must admit I facepalmed at the random choices for Dwarvish mounts. Really Peter Jackson? Battle pigs and Mountain goats? It's even worse than Thranduil's Glorious Moose. I mean, I giggled, but... Dain riding an armoured pig? Really?

Luke Evans was absolutely brilliant as Bard, managing to combine reluctant hero and leader with loving father. He also certainly tried to provide a cooler head, and possibly spoke as the audience when he couldn't comprehend why Thorin would break his word. I think I have a crush.

I was a little disappointed with Fili and Kili's deaths, particularly Fili's. In the book, the meaning is so sincere that they die defending their wounded uncle. To have Fili simply murdered without fighting back was harsh, even if I understand the storytelling (building up Thorin's tragedy). I half suspected that Kili would die trying to defend Tauriel, but I am frankly astonished (and somewhat pleased from a feminist perpective) that Tauriel survived the movie. I fully expected them to go the full Romeo & Juliet road and both die for each other.

Staggering out the deaths of the Durins did make for a more emotional rollercoaster. I would stop crying, only to start up again once another death happened.

One of my favourite moments was actually the moment after Thorin shook off the gold sickness, when Kili challenged his uncle about being unable to sit back while others fought. The gentle smile and affection that Richard Armitage was able to pull off was truly beautiful.

And Martin Freeman. Good lord that man is a fine actor.

Jackson was a wee bit heavy handed in trying to link this trilogy to the LOTR trilogy, particularly with Thranduil telling Legolas to seek out  'Strider'. But, while the credits song "The Last Goodbye" is not my favourite, I felt the fact that it was co-written and sung by Billy Boyd (who played Pippen in LOTR) was a touching link, particularly given that the final scene repeated Gandalf's arrival at Bag End in Fellowship.

As usual, Howard Shore's score is delightful and I've already bought it.

What do I do know that it's all over? I'm going to have to wait for another 11 months (probably) for the Extended Edition. ;)


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