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I have an essay due on Sunday. *sighs* Why did I think this uni thing was a good idea again? Oh right, intellectual stimulation and study what I like. Unfortunately most of this year will be the couple of required subjects I have to do which is why I currently have a 10% written essay on the assumptions underpinning the arguments regarding emergency contraception.

Yeah, I totally picked the topic so I could give the negative arguments a feminist slanted shredding.

I have officially gone further in my running program than I managed on my first attempt in January/February. Go me! Not sure how long I will last this time, but as long as each attempt improves I guess I'm doing well.

I've pretty much decided to my first Bout of Books readathon next week, though I haven't actually signed up yet. That will be one of my procrastination tasks this weekend. ;) I've already filmed a combined April Wrap Up & Haul this evening which will be set to upload over night.

In the meantime I am spending my evening having random dance parties and probably reading a bit. And possibly watching some new-to-me Time Team because one of the packages I picked up this morning was a new DVD.

My reading this weekend will probably be focused on the Starlit Wood anthology, my Emma re-read and Ms Marvel because volume 6 is due back at the library on Tuesday along with the Saga volumes I've already read.

And you know, anything extra I need for my essay *shifty eyes*


Jul. 4th, 2015 05:13 pm
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I was thinking today about how much blogging has changed for me. Not just the fact that do it much less frequently, either!

When I began on livejournal in 2004, it was as much a personal journal of my doings as it was for posting fanfic and discussing awesome stuff. But so much of that is done on Twitter now. I only blog what I have something significant to talk about that will take more that 140 characters. I have to think a bit more. Which might explain why I do it so rarely!

I'm a creature of comfort, and I often find deep thought quite uncomfortable and difficult.

Even when I do have thoughts, my form of employment prevents me from posting what could be some truly epic rants. I'm not allowed to publicly say anything that could be considered criticsim of my employer. I won't go into detail for exactly that reason, but any Australian's can probably understand what I mean.

I don't watch much sport any more (I would watch F1 but my requires me to be asleep when it's on). And I've never been particularly good a critically reviewing media, though I think I'm getting better. But I so rarely work up the energy for it. Much of my time is still eaten by reading fic, even if I don't write much anymore. I'm also studying on top of working full time. I keep meaning to write up things like conventions, but here I am almost a month after the last one and I still haven't done anything. I should get on that.

I'm hoping to make some posts over the next week, which is NAIDOC week in Australia. In fact I have the first one cued up. Hopefully this will encourage me to keep going.

NAIDOC week is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture, history and achievements. I have some ideas, but we'll see.


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