Jun. 30th, 2013 08:05 pm
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I think I'm much calmer regarding much of last weeks kerfuffling now, though whether I can articulate my thoughts is a completely different question.

Let's start with Australian politics, shall we? Oh hell...

Roughly 3 years ago, Julia Gillard deposed the sitting Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, as leader of the Labor Party before his first term as PM was up. She the proceeded to call an election, which ended up with her being able to form a minority government. Not the most elegant way to rise to be the first female Prime Minister of Australia, but she did it, and on the back of a highly competent stint as deputy and Minister for Education and Workplace Relations.

While I have not always agreed with her policies (her stance on gay marriage is bizarre considering that she is not at all religious), I have respected her as an intelligent, highly competent woman. Her question time speech regarding the misogyny of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was a truly awesome moment in Australian politics. So awesome I'm going to repost it.

Seriously awesome.

What is in no way awesome is the treatment that she has had to put up with over her 3 years as leader of this country. Would a male PM be told he wasn't qualified because he chose to not have children? No. Would a male PM be judged on what he wore? No. Would a male politician have his girlfriend asked on public radio if she were gay? No. This treatment has been constant and appalling.

On top of this, the media and memebers of her own party have been constantly fanning talk of leadership challenges. FOR THREE YEARS. Kevin Rudd did not quietly fade into the background.

All of this led to what happened on Wednesday. A petition for a challenge was circulated. Julia Gillard decided enough was enough and called a spill. The vote occurred and once more Kevin Rudd is the Australian Prime Minister.

I said it on facebook at the time. I have never had particular problems with either Rudd of Gillard, beyond not always agreeing on politics. What appalls me is the sexist filth that has been flung at her over three years. I'm appalled at the blatant disloyalty she's had to face as the most powerful woman in Australia.

Most of all, I am appalled that we are in a situation where Tony Abbott is most likely to win the election this year. Yes, Kevin Rudd is the prefered PM according the polls, although the liberals are ahead on two party preferred. Quite frankly, the idea of Tony Abbott as PM frightens me. He has no visible policies and no matter what he says to the contrary, he has a 15 year record of mysongynistic statements. And I won't even start on his plans for the public service which are impractical and would make me fear for my job.

So I will be voting for Kevin Rudd. He may have behaved appallingly, but I am not willing to risk a Tony Abbott government.

Huh. I don't think I have the energy to discuss Wendy Davis and the DOMA decision after that. Yay to both, though.


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