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Today is the start of NAIDOC Week 2015 and I decided to head down to the National Museum of Australia for the NAIDOC festival that they were holding. Exercise and culture for the win!

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I arrived in time for the Welcome to Country and a wander around the main hall.


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Most of the activities were geared towards children, but there was music. So I caught the performance by a hiphop duo named MajikHoney, who apparently appear on X Factor last year. Anyway, they were fun, and did some covers that I recognised, so that was good.

MajikHoney #nationalmuseumofaustralia #naidocweek2015

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I then joined a tour of the First Australians gallery given but one of the Aboriginal staffmembers. It was fun and she had some interesting things to say, particularly about the way the design of displays can send ideological messages.

After that I grabbed lunch before going back in to explore the galleries myself. I spent some time  cotemplating the Tasmanian display, which was mostly about the reclaimation of Tasmanian Aboriginal identiy and culture. I have the names of a few poets to look up, as one poem in particular nearly made me cry.

I did a little bounce at seeing Evonne Goolagong's Wimbledone trophies, and cracked up when I discovered that a 1960s Miss Australia was sharing a display case with Germaine Greer.

All in all, a fun, but tiring day. :D

EDIT: Let me know if the embedded Instagram pics work please? My internet is a bit spotty today and I've never done it before.


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