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My Goodreads challenge for 2015 was to read 70 'books'. I made it, but only by putting in a concerted effort in the last week of the year (I read about 8 books and comics in a 5 day period). I started the year very slowly and spent most of the year trying to play catch up.

As usual, I've done a gender breakdown based on writers or editors.

Written/Edited by women: 41
Written/Edited by men: 24
Edited by multiple genders: 5

A few more men this year, but still overwhelmingly female. Now for the other stats.

4 Magazines
24 Comics (a combination of trades and single volumes)
1 Audio Dramatisation of a Novel (it was on goodreads, it totally counts)
3 Anthologies (fiction)
1 Individual Author Collection
6 works of Non Fiction (2 were collections)
60 works of Fiction
4 work of both Fiction & Non Fiction
4 Re-reads
66 Previously Unread

This year I have left out the category of short fiction, although there are a couple of works which are considered so, but given I almost entirely avoided the Hugo Short Fiction categories this year, I didn't think it was worth a stat. They're included in the fiction count.

So, a lot more comics in 2015 and a lot less re-reading..

Since I barely made it in 2015, I've kept my target the same at 70 for 2016, though I've already had a much better start. The true challenge this year will be to try and read some work by writers of colour. I have the gender thing down pat, but I'm pretty sure the only work from people of colour I've read is as part of Uncanny Magazine. Ms Marvel is a character of colour written by a Muslim woman, but I'm not sure if G. Willow Wilson identifies as a person of colour. I don't want to assume. I have at least 1 book by an Indigenous Australian buried in my to read shelf, so I had best start there.

I'll report back in 12 months. ;)
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So, in 2014 I challenged myself to read 65 books in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I didn't limit myself this time around, so it included re-reads, comics, short stories that I read outside anthologies for awards reading and even one magazine. I ended up reading 69 in total.

The thing I look at most, an author gender breakdown, is more unbalanced this year, but it's unbalanced in favour of female authors. Not surprising, considering I re-read some favourites, most of which are written by women. When it comes to edited works, if all listed editors are the same gender, they go into that category. If multiple genders are represented, they get their own category. The figures go like this:

Written/Edited by women: 54
Written/Edited by men: 9
Edited by multiple genders: 6

Very female heavy, no? Even when not re-reading old favourites, I think I instinctively tend to choose female authors, because it's what I've always read.

Now for some other stats breakdowns.

1 Magazine
7 Comics (a combination of trades and single volumes)
4 Anthologies (though 1 contained only 2 stories - To Spin A Darker Stair)
2 Individual Author Collections
9 pieces of short fiction of various lengths read for awards
4 works of Non Fiction
64 works of Fiction
1 work of both Fiction & Non Fiction
31 Re-reads
38 Previously Unread

For 2015, I am challenging myself to reading 70 'books'. I almost got there in 2014, after all.


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