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I finished season 2 of Criminal Minds today, so I thought I would blog about the show so far before I started season 3.

Starting watching yet another police procedural when I’m nowhere near caught up on a number of others was a bit of a whim. A whim that was started by fanfiction. It’s not the usual route. But over the years I’ve come across certain characters from Criminal Minds in pieces of crossover fanfiction, so I know most of the main characters and some of the main events. I finally decided to check it out a week and a half ago and I’m devouring it.

The format is almost comforting, the  typical police procedural with a not guilty suspect or red herring appearing just after the 20 minute mark and then quickly moving on to the true culprit and finishing off. It has team dynamics, but too few women.

Penelope Garcia is my favourite of the female characters, partly because she is one of the few examples I have seen of a kick arse woman on television who is the on plus sized side of the spectrum. She’s the super intelligent, ultra competent tech analyst. She’s bubbly and bright and tremendously sassy. She’s awesome.

As I am incapable of not being a slasher, of course I have my favourite slash pairing and I can’t decide who I like better. Handsome, stoic alpha male Aaron Hotchner or slender, floppy haired geek Spencer Reid. I’m fairly sure that over the past week I’ve consumed most of the decent Hotch/Spencer fic available. I do tend to go the whole hog when I get obsessed.

The other element of this show that I really like is that it’s not about evidence, not in the traditional sense. It explores what makes humans do awful things to each other. It is about the behaviours that people exhibit and what you can extrapolate from those behaviours. It’s fascinating, though I am a tad shocked that I have not had nightmares yet.

Well, season 3 awaits!


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